Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gregg Foreman Interview

Introducing Gregg Foreman: Musician, DJ.

Bands: Cat Power,The Meek.

Location: Los Angeles,CA

JR- Whats it like playing with Cat Power?

GF- Peaceful , Dark , Heavy , Soulful

JR- Are you playing mostly guitar or keys?

GF-Steady combo of Keys , Bass , Tambourine, Guitars.

JR-Are you writing songs with Cat Power any collaboration?

GF-We write our parts and sounds.

JR-Any special stomp box effects that you use mostly?

GF-Love the Memory Boy and Loop Station with Space Echo.

JR-Whats your favorite guitar ,amp set up , your ideal rig?

GF-Fender Twin or Super Reverb . Gibson Es 335

JR-What do you like about touring?

GF-Meeting all the lovely people and the travel.

JR-What don't you like about touring?

GF-The getting up early to sit on airplanes.

JR-Are you ever going to get The Delta 72 going again?

GF-Nope , maybe do something similar.

JR-Do you record mostly in digital ? Or do you go analog old school?


JR-Is there a big difference when you are a DJ versus being a musician?

GF-Sometimes DJ-ing is easier yet not as gratifying.

JR-Do you find that DJ's are getting paid more than musicians in a band?

GF-Not most , yet some of the big Electro cats make a lot. My friend Diplo seems to be well off .

JR-I bet you got a lot of vinyl, do you still purchase real records still today?

GF-Yes all the time , mainly 45's.

JR-What artist or band has got your ear today? That your totally into?

GF-The Meek (who I play with) Creation Records, Suicide, Spacemen 3, Moon Duo, Black Angels, 13th floor elevators
etc etc New Cat Power . . DEAD SKELETONS !!!

JR-If you had any advice for some one trying to make it in the industry of music what would that be?

GF-Forget the industry and find you , be your sound . Live it !

JR-What can fans expect from Gregg Foreman in the near future?

GF-Solo Stuff with bands , More from the Meek , Cat Power
Maybe a collaboration with Anton Newcombe from BJM.

JR-Did you ever get your scooter back , I believe you had one damaged and or stolen?

GF-Just had it returned ! It is not a scooter it is a Vintage Moped.

JR-That must be a challenge to get around in L.A. On a small bike , how do you manage?

GF-Nope , arrive 10 mins b4 my friends and have free parking ! Never underestimate the moped . The french dug em ! The Mods of Europe and Asia love em too.

JR-Whats the best place to go to listen and get more information on your music happenings?
GF-Facebook . Dead tv ? Google earth .

Thanks Gregg for taking the time and talking here on The Underground Echo.

Jay Raker

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