Monday, May 30, 2011

Look for Guy Blakeslee's interview here on The Underground Echo.

Thanks to Guy Blakeslee from The Entrance Band for the interview. He sent me some real interesting things that I think the readers might get a kick out of. Look for this real soon in the Blogazine The Underground Echo.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

July 9th 2011 Los Angeles ,CA Live performance: The Hi-Hos, Black Market Sunday, Beyond Veronica, Molino

Underground Happenings

July 9th 2011 Los Angeles ,CA

Live performance: The Hi-Hos, Black Market Sunday, Beyond Veronica, Molino

Redwood Bar & Grill
3.5 star rating
based on 359 reviews
316 W 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-2600

**********************Bar muda Triangle in downtown LA.********************** ****************

There are a lot of music venues in Los Angeles and there has got to be more than a thousand bands in this city of angels . So you got your choice, On Saturday July 9th 2011 you may consider a downtown venue like The Redwood Bar.

With a Nautical Pirate theme and cheap drinks and a friendly staff who can satisfy your quenching thirst its a overall very inexpensive place. 3 people, 8 beers, 3 mixed drinks, and 2 meals for under $100. What a deal!!

Entertainment this night is going to be an eclectic smash bill of Home Grown Los Angeles
and Portland entertainment.

Live Performances from :
(Los Angeles)
Alt-Country Derivative -The Hi-Hos

THE HI-HOS******************* ************************* ************************* **************
Lachance chastises Camille for not doing anything with her life beyond throwing bitchin' parties and having occasional poetic thoughts at 4 am. Camille submits to Dave's iron will and becomes raging egomaniac, writes some songs. Enlists hapless friends and talent when they're too drunk to object. Signs contracts in blood; the rest is history

Post Punk -Black Market Sunday http://www.blackmarket...
BLACK MARKET SUNDAY******************* ************************* ************************
Hailing from Portland, Oregon. Black Market Sunday is an American Rock Band.

Established in 2008, Black Market Sunday broke into the underground music scene with their self titled , self released , debut album, Black Market Sunday.

The band is currently working on their sophomore album, titled Regeneration. Black Market Sunday Music is released to the public one at a time on the band's website.

Black Market Sunday was started by founder Jay Raker in 2008.

2009 - 2011 Black Market Sunday has increased there popularity through live performances and internet social networking.

The band has been classified to the genre of Post Punk , Experimental, Goth, Shoegaze and Psychedelic.

Bands similar to Black Market Sunday : Old Pink Floyd, Tones On Tail, Love And Rockets, The Sisters Of Mercy, Bauhaus, Christian Death, The Warlocks, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Black Angels, Joy Division, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails,The Rolling Stones, She Wants Revenge, The Church, The Cure.

Garage Pop Extraordinary -Beyond Veronica
BEYOND VERONICA***************** ************************* ************************* ***********

Beyond Veronica banded in the spring of 2002 and have found their niche with a retro, power pop sound and sexy style to boot.
Just when pioneering female rock 'n roll rebels such as The Runaways, Blondie and The Avengers seemed to be a thing of the past,
front woman Bonnie Veronica took the reins and led her band into a resurgence of what was all but lost in the mainstream.
This accomplished five-piece ensemble is decidedly distinctive in every aural arena.

In 2006 founding members Bonnie Veronica and Kirk Larsen relocated to Portland, Oregon, and teamed with bassist Neesie Doss, drummer Kurt Steinke, and keys/vocalist Earl Temp. They plan to release their second album, "Hard Times For Dreamers", in 2011.

(Los Angeles)
Psychedelic-Shoegazers -Molino.
MOLINO******************* ************************* ************************* ***********************

Do not listen to these guys without ear plugs because they will leave your ears and the rest of your body reverberating like their sound does on stage. I wanted more last night only to realize their sound is TOO big for the spot they played at. Seriously, Molino has sheer power coming out this four piece band and well worth checking out."

July 9th 2011
The Redwood bar And Grill
316 West 2nd St # 202
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3527
(213) 680-2600

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